Greenin RU

Greenin RU

Sustainable, reusable thermal packaging for home deliveries.

The Greenin RU Range is a sustainable, reusable parcel shipper. Composed by recycled materials, it is a highly cost-effective solution.

The upcycled cotton inlays are carefully constructed to create effective insulation layers that offer equal or even better efficiencies to those of traditional expanded polystyrene shippers. They are easily and globally recyclable.

Once delivered to the end customer, cotton inlays can be disposed of in either commercial or household curbside recycling bins.

The upcycled Greenin range has been designed to prevent temperature excursions when shipping temperature-sensitive products and offers qualified thermal protection for up to 24 hours. Chilled and frozen food products can now be shipped with complete reliability.

Features of Greenin RU

Constructed from
recyclable materials

Best value
for money

Easy assembly
speeds up packing process


Tempack Cold Chain S2D iconStandard and customised
solutions available

Up to 24h
Thermal protection

Tempack Cold Chain S2D iconFlat packed for cost-effective
delivery and storage

Chilled and frozen
temperature control options

Details Greenin RU

greenin ru Tempack Cold Chain

Highlights Greenin RU

  • Insulation “Inlays” based on regenerated textile products (up to 85% of the composition of the product).
  • High thermal insulation: thermal conductivity between 0.029 W/mK to 0.034 W/mK.
  • Density: 30 kg/m3 (low weight of the insulation).
  • Width: 30mm.
  • Exceptional cushioning.
  • Green product. Bio-sustainable inlays.
  • Condensation and leak absorption.
  • Mould-resistant and odour-free product.
  • Very easy and quick assembly (2 inlays per box / shipper). Lower labour costs. Less time wastage.
  • Can be used with gel packs or dry ice.
  • Plastic crates optional. 2 models: 310 (red) and  365 (green).
  • Cooling elements:
    • Chilled: eutectic plates EPR 4100cc (325X530x30 mm)
    • Frozen: rigid frozen packs RFP 900cc (180xx36x143mm)

Tempack Cold Chain S2D icon
Payload (liters)
Tempack Cold Chain S2D icon
Temperature Range (ºC)
Chilled, Frozen
Tempack Cold Chain S2D icon
Duration (hours)

Specifications Greenin RU

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(mm LxWxH)
(mm LxWxH)
Greenin Kit CC310 27L26,6Chilled (0-8ºC)20 (+20ºC) / 10 (+35ºC)Top: 487x311
Base: 467x291
Height: 185mm
Top: 600x400
Base: 532x356
Height: 310mm
Greenin Kit CC310 21L20,8Frozen (-14ºC)18 (+20ºC) / 12 (+35ºC)Top: 487x311
Base: 467x291
Height: 145mm
Top: 600x400
Base: 532x356
Height: 310mm
Greenin Kit CC365 34L34Chilled (0-8ºC)24 (+20ºC) / 10 (+35ºC)Top: 487x311
Base: 461x286
Height: 240mm
Top: 600x400
Base: 526x350
Height: 365mm
Greenin Kit CC365 28L28,3Frozen (-14ºC)18 (+20ºC) / 12 (+35ºC)Top: 487x311
Base: 461x286
Height: 200mm
Top: 600x400
Base: 526x350
Height: 365mm